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 Outreach Service

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Services provided with the Outreach program:

  • Adult and Children's Books
  • Books on Cassette
  • Adult and Children's Videos
  • Large Print Books
  • Music Cassettes
  • Wonder Boxes (teaching kits)

Who can use this service?

Anyone who lives in Cleveland County and lives at least 2 miles from a public library is eligible to use this service. Any person who is homebound or infirm may use this service regardless of where they live in relation to a public library facility. The outreach van makes stops at daycares, schools, churches, nursing homes, senior villages and other institutions. The outreach van is also willing to stop at businesses where the management has agreed to allow their employees time to visit the outreach van.

Will the outreach van be in my area?

The outreach van currently makes 8 major trips per month to all areas of the county. The staff will assign you to one of these routes and will give you a schedule of the dates when the outreach van will be in your area. You may spend as much time as you like choosing your materials, but it is a good idea to call in advance if you have a specific subject you would like the staff to bring.

For more information and to speak with the outreach van librarian call:
        Linda Hooker
        704-487-9069 ext 229

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